Featured Charity: Best Friends Animal Society
A picture of a Charity Pups print

My name is Aaron Kaufman, I'm based out of Cleveland, Ohio and I doodle ridiculously cute dogs with awkwardly big heads.

Charity Pups raises awareness and dollars for a different animal-related non-profit each month. Every day or two, a different illustrated dog will appear on this site. Each dog is available in print form for purchase with 10% of the profit going to charity.

I started Charity Pups in 2013 after discovering my superhero power of doodling dogs. It started with a friend's birthday card—it's turned into an obsession

Personally, I’m really attracted to using my graphic design background in philanthropic ways, so I naturally found a way to tie that into the dog illustrations to form a charity.

I've drawn just about 1,000 dogs, shipped to 45 states and 5 countries, and have saved countless dogs' lives. I really can't take much credit for the last part, that's where some incredible people have swooped in to purchase my ridiculous doodles.

All dogs are drawn digitally (I started with just using my laptop trackpad!) using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

How do you pick your charities?

Chosen non-profits are 501(c)3s and have either contacted me directly or I’ve reached out to. They must have passionate leaders, have a no-kill policy and assist dogs in some way. See past organizations on the Charity of the Month page.

Can I use your art for a project?

If you are a nonprofit, get-in-touch and I will hook you up. If you are an individual with a blog, arts project, etc. that is non-commercial you can use my dogs, but you must credit back to Charity Pups!

For-profit businesses, please contact me with your request.